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Ritesh Bhatia

Ritesh Bhatia

Founding Director

An engineering graduate from MIT Pune, Ritesh started V4WEB in 1999. It is his vision and his creative zeal that drives each one of us at V4WEB. A natural problem solver, Ritesh's expertise extends into Cybercrime and Cyber Law. As a leading expert in Cyber Law and a Cyber Forensics Professional, his skills and advice is sought by leading companies and law enforcement agencies. He is a Certified Cyber Forensics Professional from Asian school of Cyber Law and a Certified Ethical Hacker from EC Council.

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Nirali Bhatia

Nirali Bhatia

Operating Director

A Masters in Organizational Behaviour didn't end her passion for psychology and understanding people, she channeled that into becoming a Usability Analyst, from USA. One of the most sought after HTML experts in India, Nirali makes sure that websites are user friendly and meet all the needs of clients and users alike. A straight forward person, Nirali doesn't believe in wasting time, she is the time keeper at V4WEB, ensures that all projects are completed in record time.

Nirali also conducts Child and Adult Counselling workshops using Metaphors, and is a sought after Handwriting analysis expert.

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Saba Singh

Saba Khan

Client Servicing

Saba is an SEM expert and has mastered the art of advertising on Google and managing Social Media Presence & Ads. Saba has around 7 years of client servicing & business development experience & will usually be your first point of contact at V4WEB.

Rakhi Tendolkar

Sitara Srivastava

Visualizer / Designer

Being Cusp of Mystery and Imagination, with Sitara around, there's never a dull moment. She has a natural flair for creativity. With over a decade's expereince in designing digital designs to feminine accessories, Sitara brings that finnesse to everything she touches. Her acute observation skills make her designs perfectly fitting your imagination.

Gaurangi Sawant

Komal Pansare

Web Developer

Pretty young lady, Ms Komal Pansare is intelligent & skilled web developer with more than 2 years of development experience. True to her name, she is very soft spoken and sincere teammate.

Bipin Kumar Singh

Bipin Kumar Singh

Senior Front End Developer

New to V4Web family, Bipin brings with him maturity and experience. Recommended and called by his teachers as "one man army", Bipin stands tall holding the reigns of front end developers division.

Tejas Shaha

Tejas Shah

Web Programmer

An Aptech campus recruitment kid. Hard working, intelligent, good reasoning skills. He has been one of the lucky boys to get his hands on very challenging projects from day one. He is our source of latest music. He is a perfect junior to his seniors.

Prathemesh Tharve

Prathemesh Tharve

Web Programmer

Stud, hard-working, smart Prathamesh is fresh web programmer. His quick learning ability & passion for work & V4WEB both is an asset to the organisation.

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