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Seminars & Conferences

  • Panel Moderator - "Role of physical security in a digital world" at Bank Of India's SECURISK 2019

  • Panelist - "Data Localisation and Privacy Concerns" at a seminar organised by Government Law College, Mumbai

  • Speaker - "Social Media and DarkNet Monitoring" training given to Cyber cops of Pune Rural Police, Maharashtra Cyber

  • Speaker - "Darknet Investigation Challenges" at National conference on Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Forensics and Investigation organised by JVM Mehta Degree College & Hexa Digital Forensic Corporation

  • Panel Moderator - "Corporate Cyber Frauds and Challenges in Investigations" at Legal Era's Annual flagship GENNEXT 2019 conference & Indian Legal Awards

  • Keynote Speaker - "Infringements in Cyberspace" at state level seminar organised by SIES College, Mumbai

  • International Speaker - "Challenges in Dark Web Investigations" at Fraud Conference Middle East, organised by ACFE and ADAA, Abu Dhabi

  • Speaker - "Problem statements in Cybercrime Investigations and Cybersecurity" at KJ Somaiya Institute Of Engineering and IT

  • Panel Moderator - "Virtual Reality or Surreality" at Media Mantra 2019, organised by SNDT, Juhu

  • Keynote Speaker - "Cybercrime - Think before you click" at Colloquium 2019, organised by Sathaye College

  • Panel Moderator - "Challenges in cybercrime Investigations" at CSI's Cyber Frauds, Investigations and Forensics Conference 2019

  • Panelist - "Virtual Gaming" at Cyberpsychology Conference, Mumbai

  • Panelist - "Data Localisation" at Legal Era's International Intellectual Property Conclave & Awards 2019, Taj Lands End, Mumbai

  • Keynote Speaker - "Mapping the Payments Ecosystem" at 2nd Annual Governance, Risk & Controls Summit, 2018

  • Speaker - "Darknet Threat Intelligence and Investigations" at Infosec Foundation's Global Infosec Summit, Kolkatta

  • Panel Moderator - "Cybersecurity-Challenges in Fintech" at Barclay's Rise Mumbai

  • Panel Moderator - "Data Reach or Breach" at Elixir 2018 organised by Chetana Institute of Management Research, Mumbai

  • Speaker - "Darknet Threat Intelligence" at Infosec Foundation's The Security Symposium, Mumbai

  • Speaker - "New age Cybercrimes" at Manthan Cyber Suraksha, Raipur

  • Keynote Speaker - "Darknet" at Hackathon IIT Delhi

  • Panelist - "Cybercrimes and Prevention" at Whistling Woods International

  • Panel Moderator - "Cyber Security and Data Privacy" at Bank of India's SecuRisk 2018

  • Plenary Speaker - "Introduction to Darknet" at Sajag 2018 organised by SVVV, Indore

  • Speaker - "Ethical Hacking & Information Security" at Chakravyuh, IIT Bombay

  • Panelist - "Cyber Laws & Legislations-Where Does India Stand?" at the DynamicCISO conference, Hotel Westin, Mumbai

  • Speaker - "Darknet/Darkweb Investigations" at CSI's Cyber Frauds, Investigations and Forensics Conference, IIT Mumbai 2018

  • Special Speaker - New Age Cyber Crimes at Pillai's College for their One Day National Seminar on Building Knowledge Cities

  • Guest Speaker - Cybercrimes for Bankers and Technology for Data Protection at National Judicial Academy (NJA), Bhopal

  • Panelist - "New Age Cyber Crimes and Investigations" at a Cyber Security Mission to India led by Ms. Loretta Joseph of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission at BSE, Mumbai

  • Speaker - "Deep Web and Dark Web Threat Intelligence and Investigations" at Data Security and Cyber Security Symposium

  • Panelist - "Threat Intelligence Sharing" at Data Security and Cyber Security Symposium

  • Guest Speaker - "Common Cybercrimes with school children" at the Members of International Schools' Conference at Hotel Sea Princess, Mumbai

  • Guest of Honour - "New Age Cyber Crimes and Investigations" at New Horizon Insitutute of Technology and Management, Thane

  • Panelist - "Compromising Citizens Privacy for National Interest" at The Policy Debate conducted by Government Law College

  • Keynote Speaker - "Sensitive Personal Data or Information" at Infocomm India, Mumbai

  • Speaker - "Dark Web" at Infocomm India, Mumbai 2017

  • Keynote Speaker - "Dark Web" at Defence Institute of Advanced Technology's Conference organised by DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Pune

  • Chief Guest and Speaker - "Cyber Crime Prevention and Data Privacy" at the 44th Memorial Lecture held at Lala Lajpatrai College, Mumbai

  • Special Invitee - "Interpol World 2017" at Interpol World 2017 Congress, Singapore

  • Guest Speaker - "5 day Stay Safe Online Programme for children" for UNICEF, Chhattisgarh

  • Speaker - "Understanding Private Sensitive Data or Information in the Indian Context" at BFSI Cyber Security Symposium 2017, Mumbai

  • Panel Moderator - "Cyber security situations while moving from Internet to IoT" at the 3rd IoT Summit 2017 Conference, Mumbai  

  • Keynote Speaker - "Sensitive Personal Data or Information" - at Infocomm India 2017, Mumbai

  • Speaker - "Dark Web" - at Infocomm India 2017, Mumbai

  • Guest Speaker - "Cyber Crime Awareness and Prevention" at CSI-Infocomm 2016